$10 tapas during Happy Hour!

At Jah Bar during Happy Hour, take advantage of $10 tapas from our tapas section of the menu, these are all $10 during the happy hours of: all day Monday and from 4-6pm Tuesday to Friday and Sunday!

Marinated Olives (gf adapt)(vegan) grilled sourdough, harissa & extra virgin olive oil 10

Albondigas (gfa) (nuts) (serve of 3) pan roasted pork & chicken meatballs w/pine nuts, spicy tomato sauce & manchego 12

Fish Tacos (gf) (serve of 3) crispy corn taco, Sashimi Hiramasa kingfish cured in tequila & lime served w onion jam & avocado salsa12

Pork Belly Tacos (gf) (serve of 2) blue corn tortilla w/ pickled carrot, coconut, lime & coriander 16

 Kingfish Ceviche (gf) Hiramasa king fish cooked in lemon & lime juice served w/ spring onion and chili  salsa 18

 Croquetas (serve of 3) mushroom & truffle aioli 12

Patatas Bravas (gf) (nuts) (vegan) crunchy fried potatoes w/Jah Bar tomato chutney, almond & garlic aioli 12

 Chorizillos a la sidra (nuts) (gf) cider glazed chorizo w/ toasted almond picada14

 Fried Hot Wings  (gf)

Organic chicken wings, crunchy fried & tossed in hot sauce    16

 Halloumi Baklava Cypriana Halloumi wrapped in filo w/ quince paste, almond dukkah & pomegranate dressing 16

Chicken Liver Pate (gfa) toasted sourdough, quince & deli pickles 16

 Zucchini Flower Poppers (gf) (serve of 3) tempura fried, filled with 3 cheese polenta & jalapeños 18