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Enjoy our delicious food. 


Marinated Olives (gf adapt) (vegan)

grilled foccacia, harissa & extra virgin olive oil
$ 10.00

Chorizillos a la sidra (gf) (nuts)

cider glazed chorizo w/ toasted almond picada
$ 14.00

Patatas bravas (gf) (nuts) (vegan)

crunchy fried potatoes w/ house made chutney, almond & garlic aioli
$ 12.00

Albondigas (gfa) (nuts) (serve of 3)

pan roasted pork & chicken meatballs w/ pine nuts, spicy tomato sauce & manchego
$ 12.00

Fish tacos (gfa) (serve of 3)

crispy wheat taco, Sashimi Hiramasa Kingfish cured in tequila & lime served w/ onion jam & avocado salsa
$ 12.00

Lamb baklava

slow roasted lamb wrapped in filo w/onion jam, feta, garlic & mint
$ 22.00

Fried hot wings (gf)

organic chicken wings, crunchy fried & tossed in hot sauce
$ 16.00

Halloumi baklava

halloumi wrapped in filo w/ hummus,quince paste & dukkah
$ 18.00

Kingfish ceviche (gf)

Hiramasa kingfish cooked in lemon & lime juice served w/ spring onion & green chilli salsa
$ 18.00

Chicken liver pate (gf)

house made gluten free foccacia, quince & deli pickles
$ 16.00

Croquetas (serve of 3)

sweet corn & jalapeno
$ 13.00

Croquetas (serve of 3)

mushroom & truffle
$ 14.00


pumpkin, spinach & ricotta
$ 6.00 ea


beef, potato & egg
$ 6.00 ea


spicy chicken
$ 7.00 ea

Pork belly tacos (gf)(serve of 2)

blue corn tortilla w/pickled carrot, coconut, lime & coriander
$ 7.00 ea

Chargrilled "A La Brasa"

Chicken thigh skewers (200gr) (gf)

chargrilled w/ oregano, lemon & garlic served w/quinoa tabouli
$ 22.00

Steak & frites (200gr) (gf)

free range grass fed skirt, chargilled & served w/ cafe de Paris butter, French fries & rocket salad
$ 28.00

Scallop & pork belly (gf)

seared Hervey Bay scallops w/ organic South Coast pork belly, sweet corn & cruncy Jamon
$ 26.00

Moroccan lamb shoulder (gf)

organic lamb cooked low & slow for 12hrs, pulled apart and put back together again, served w/ cauliflower, spinach & mojo verde
$ 27.00

Vegetables / Ensalada

Sweet potato chips & dips (gf) (vegan)

fried sweet potato, smokey maple glaze & trio of dips; white gazpacho, mojo verde & mojo picon
$ 20.00

Peruvian ensalada (gf) (vegan)

lettuce, quinoa, chimmi churri salsa, pickled vegetables, avocado & sherry dressing
$ 16.00

Roasted broccoli (gf)

w/ ricotta salata toretta, lemon & almonds
$ 12.00

Fried cauliflower salad (gf) (vegan)

w/ toasted almonds, rocket & ajo blanco
$ 16.00

Zucchini flower poppers (gf) (serve of 3)

tempura , filled with cheese polenta & jalapenos
$ 18.00

Burrata (gf)

w/ rocket, cherry tomatoes, radish, basil & caramelised balsamic
$ 14.00


(FREE ½ jug of Sangria every Thursday)

Seafood paella (gf)

mussels, hiramasa kingfish & Yamba prawns
$ 27.00

Pork and chorizo (gf)

pork belly, grilled chorizo onion & peppers
$ 27.00

Woodfired Flat Breads - similar to pizzas, all cheese based and gluten free & cooked in the wood fired oven.

confit garlic

thyme, oregano & sea salt
$ 18.00

classic margarita

tomato, oregano,mozzarella & basil
$ 20.00

Zucchini flower

ricotta, lemon & parsley
$ 22.00

slow roasted lamb

harissa, goats cheese & mint
$ 22.00

chilli garlic prawn

tomato, onion & paprika chilli oil
$ 24.00

Lunch Tapas Board - $25 per person

Try a selection of our signature dishes:

Fish Tacos




(2 of each item)

Goes very well with our house wines....happy hour priced at $28/bottle!

$45 per person Group Menu (minimum of 2 people)

  • They are designed for value for money and ease of service to ensure a well paced dining experience for our guests.
  • Collectively choose any 4 items from the tapas, chargrilled, ensalada & paella sections of the menu for your table
  • Comes with complimentary grilled sourdough, marinated olives & Peruvian salad.
  • All set menus come with Happy Hour priced drinks all night, $15 Jah Bar Lager jugs, $20 Sangria jugs, $28 btl/$6.5 gl of hse red & white wine.
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