Jah Bar Dine In

$45 MENU - per person

Chosen tapas will be portioned out per person as shared plates

Collectively choose 4 items from the Tapas Menu Below

Prices are listed for additional dishes if required


Fish Tacos (crispy taco)

Sashimi Hiramasa kingfish w/ lime, onion jam & avocado salsa
$ 20

Kingfish Ceviche (gf)

Cured in lemon & lime juice served w/ spring onion & chilli salsa
$ 20

Mushroom Croquetas

Mozzarella, truffle manchego w/ aioli
$ 16

Patatas Bravas (gf)(nuts)(vegan)

Crunchy fried potatoes w/ Jah Bar hot sauce & ajo blance
$ 15

Albondigas (gf)

Pork & chicken meatballs, spicy tomato sauce & manchego
$ 20

Chorizillos A La Sidra (gf)(nuts)

Cider glazed chorizo w/ toasted almond picada
$ 16

Halloumi Baklava (nuts)

Halloumi, quince paste, hummus, pomegranate & dukkah
$ 18

Zucchini Flower Poppers (gf)

Tempura fried, filled with cheese polenta & jalapenos
$ 20

Roasted Cauliflower Salad (gf)(vegan)

Toasted almonds, garlic, snowpea leaves & ajo blanco
$ 18

Moroccan Lamb Shoulder (100g)(gf)

Lamb cooked low & slow, cauliflower puree, snowpea shoots & mojo verde
$ 22


Not included but available as additional dishes

Seafood Paella (gf)

Mussels, calamari, Hiramasa kingfish & prawns
$ 34

Chicken & Chorizo Paella (gf)

Chicken, grilled chorizo, onion & pepper
$ 32

Vegan Paella (gf)

Mushroom, broccolini, zucchini flower, peppers, spring onion & lemon
$ 32
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