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Enjoy our range of expertly made Cocktails and Drinks.


Jah Barman are trained in all the classics.
Please feel free to request something you desire if you can’t make up your mind from our signature cocktail list.

Coconut Mojito $18.00
white rum, Malibu, raw sugar, fresh lime, mint and fresh coconut

Sweet Sailor                                                                                                       $18.00

Caribbean spiced rum, Disaronno almond liqueur, citrus and dash of angostura bitters

High Hendricks                                                                                                  $18.00

Hendricks Gin, muddled cucumber, Jah Bar's spiced sugar syrup, citrus, charged with tonic

Cosmopolitan                                                                                                   $16.00

Vodka, triple sec, fresh lime juice, cranberry juice and tangy orange zest

Dark 'n' Stormy                                                                                                 $18.00

Caribbean spiced rum, ginger beer, fresh lime, angostura bitters (add tabasco for an added kick)

Espresso Martini $18.00
Vodka, Kahlua, Frangelico, Jah Bar's spiced sugar syrup and freshly ground espresso shot

Negroni                                                                                                                $18.00

Gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, garnished with zesty blood orange

Quindilla Chilli Margarita $18.00
Tequila Reposado, triple sec, fresh grapefruit juice and quindilla

Lychee Pomegranate Martini                                                                         $18.00

Vodka, St Germain elderflower liqueur, triple sec, shaken with fresh lychees and pomegranate

Passion Fruit Pisco Sour $18.00
Triple distilled pisco, triple sec, fresh passion fruit pulp, Jah Bar's spiced sugar syrup, egg white and citrus

Pina Colada                                                                                                        $18.00

White rum, Malibu, coconut & pineapple liqueur, citrus, pineapple juice and fresh coconut

Martini $17.00
Shaken or stired? Dirty, dry or with a twist? House gin or house vodka? House or choose a premium spirit for $4 extra
Gin -  Poor Toms Gin, Tanqueray 10 or Hendricks Vodka -  666 Vodka  or Grey Goose

Manhattan                                                                                                          $18.00

Scotch Whiskey, sweet red vermouth, dash of angostura bitters and amareno cherry


The Old Fashioned Way                                                                                  $18.00

Makers Mark Bourbon, raw sugar, orange, amareno cherry and bitters


Red Stripe Lager                                                               from Tap: $8/$10.5/$20

Monteiths crushed apple cider                                    from Tap: $8/$10.5/$20 

Batlow Cloudy Apple Cider                                                              Tin: $9.00

Moritz Lager                                                                                          Tin: $9.00
Barcelona, Spain

Peroni Nastro                                                                                        Bottle: $8.00 

Corona                                                                                                    Bottle: $8.00


4 Pines Kolsch                                                                                      Bottle: $8.00 
Brooky, NSW

4 Pines Pale                                                                       from Tap: $8/$10.5/$20
Brooky, NSW

Dad & Dave's #4 Gold Lager                                                                          Tin: $9.00 
Brooky, NSW

4 Pines Brookvale Union ginger Beer Tin: $9.00
Brooky, NSW

Dad & Dave’s #2 Bottle: $8.00
Belgian IPA, NSW

Estrella Damm Bottle: $8.00
premium lager, Barcelona, Spain

Stone & Wood                                                                                      Bottle: $8.00 

Byron, NSW



Red Sangria 1 litre $27.00 Half litre $14.00
Drunken fruits, spiced syrup, lime, triple sec, red wine and ginger beer

White Sangria 1 litre $27.00 Half litre $14.00
Drunken fruits, sugar syrup, strawberries, pomegranate, mint and white wine

Soft Drinks

Capi $5.00

Capi $5.00
Ginger beer

Capi $5.00
Ruby grapefruit

Diet Coke $5.00

Capi $5.00
Ginger ale

Capi $5.00
Blood orange

Coke $5.00

Dessert and Queso

Churros con Chocolate (nuts)                                                                                   $14.00

Spanish fried doughnut with cinnamon sugar, chocolate dipping sauce & salted peanut butter caramel

Dessert platter for 2 (nuts)   


30ml ea Pedro Ximenez dark Spanish fortified sherry, chocolate brownie, churros con chocolate and banana & almond parfait

Banana Split (gf) (nuts)                                                                                           $14.00

peanut butter and Frangelico parfait, caramelised banana and almond praline

18 month Manchego Spain (hard sheeps milk)

Azul de Valdeo Blue Spain (cows & goat milk)

Triple cream Brie Tarago Aus (cows milk)

Urgelia rich Semi Soft Spain (cows milk)

2 cheeses $12 or 4 cheeses $22

Digestive and Sherry

Vermut Negra             Vermut Gandia             Moscatel                 $9.00  Mariol, Spain              Valencia, Spain


Alvear, Fino        $8.00                    Fernando de Castilla, Manzanilla     $9.00

Montilla, Spain                                   Sanlucar, Spain

Alvear, PX 1927   $9.00

Montilla, Spain

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